Look for Less DIY Challenge/Anthropologie inspired Picture Frame

DIY Video Tutorial on how to make Beautiful Expensive looking Picture Frame from an old Ordinary Picture Frame on a very LOW Budget or for FREE

Mom Das

We all love to own High End products but, the price tags stop us. No More! Here’s a step by step DIY tutorial on making a very gorgeous and elegant and beautiful Picture Frame, that too Anthropologie inspired, out of an ordinary old picture frame. A little painted upcycle project for a big impact.

I wanted to own a light coloured or maybe gold or ivory picture frame. All I had at hand were dark brown or black dated picture frames. I have so many of them that I don’t even feel like buying any more. Just then I spotted this gorgeous picture frame in Anthropologie Shop as Sullivan Frame , and wanted it. What do we DIYers do “We make what we can’t have.

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As I did a before and after or say, makeover or, painted upcycle or, recycle job; I made my own Sullivan Frame for FREE>

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A little paint goes a long way. Ha Ha Ha!!!

Check out my step by step Video Tutorial

I love my own new Sullivan Picture Frame and it turned out to be gorgeous and that too at such a small budget. Hope the video was explainatory. Let me know how you like my DIY. Do visit my other blogposts, SUBSCRIBE to my blog and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel . See you in my next post.

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