Enjoy Chic Handmade Beauty in Everyday life visualized and created with passion

My motto

If someone else can, So can I

And, if I can, So can You


I am here to share with you my tips, tricks and hacks to create beautiful objects and moments to surround you and your family.

Hi! I am Mom Das! That’s right, my first name is Mom. I am wife to the most wonderful man that can ever exist in my world and mamma to two very adorable kids.

I have passion for home decor, simple yet elegant practical fashion, painting and trying out all kinds of crafts.

At times, I love to do some adventure in the kitchen and come up some great recipes, which I would love to share with you.

I have always been frugal and found ways to refashion or recycle objects before disposing them off. I try not to buy anything that I don’t need or can get or make at a cheaper price. Being frugal dosen’t mean that you are miser or living deprived, but, for me being frugal is mindful spending on things that we really need or luxeries that we really want. MINDFUL SPENDING just simplifies life. You don’t end up hoarding thing that are not needed or have those things just because the whole community arround you has.

House is made of bricks, steel and wood.

Home is made by people who live in it. The decor of a beautiful home is reflection of the family members. The This gives character to your home. Tou don’t need tons of money to make a home. You need LOVE and PASSION to make a home. A home grows with the family.

My shops

I am also a designer and have shops with items having my designs on them at:

  1. Artistically Yours at ZAZZLE

  2. Paint Collar

My present blog site

I am an active blogger with a working blog site hosted by blogger named www.momdaslifehandmade.blogspot.in.

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Come with me on my journey through home, family, life one blog post at a time :)