Finger-less Gloves & Cap from Recycled Old Sweater

DIY Tutorial on how to make Stylish and Beautiful Fingerless Gloves and Cap from Recycled Old Sweater

Mom Das

Winter is here. It’s time to do some super quick and easy crafts or DIY which will make life and people happier around you. I have today a very quick DIY. Actually this just one hour craft. I found an old sweater and recycled it to make the most stylish and the most beautiful Finger less Gloves and Cap, a matching set for the winters. They can make a perfect gift for anyone too.


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 Warm wishes to all of you for the coming year. This year I resolve to be more consistent with my blog writing. I want to do all things that I wished to do but never started. I want to finish all of my unfinished projects. I want to be more creative, learn more and share more.

Okay! So yesterday while cleaning up and organizing a closet I found a small sweater tucked away in a corner. A brilliant idea struck me. As the sweater was machine knit and has been well used, it had sort of felted, I mean it won’t fray easily. So I thought of doing a Recycle or say Upcycle project.


I love finger less gloves because my fingers are then free to do any type of work and my hands till the knukles are warm. Long finger less gloves just look like another layer of sweater inside the top layer of sweater. When I added a cap in same the style, it became a cap and gloves set. Perfect, beautiful and stylish. As a matter of fact one can easily make such gifts and people will love them.

Let me share with you how to make Finger-less Gloves & Cap from Recycled Old Sweater

Video Tutorial

I hope you will make one set of gloves and cap for yourself or loved ones for sure this Winter and enjoy. Do SUBSCRIBE to my blog and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel for more videos and posts on DIY, Decor, Sew, Recipes and homemaking on a budget. See you soon…

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