DIY Farmhouse style Home Name Sign

DIY Video Tutorial on how to make Farmhouse style Home Name Sign from Scratch, for FREE or LOW Budget

Mom Das

I needed a Name Plate for our new rental apartment urgently. So, I made this Farmhouse style Home Name Sign from scratch for absolutely FREE. I want to share my DIY with you.


Hi Everybody! We are soon shifting to a new rental apartment. So, there will be plenty of new DIYs coming up on my blog as well as my YouTube Channel . As I said, I urgently needed a new Home Name Sign because my old name plate has become old and has lost its lustre. Morever, the kids are growing up and my previous name plate has only our family name, my name and my hubby’s. Kids obviously wanted their names to be added too. Makes sense, their friends now come over to our home for playing sometimes too. So, a NEW name plate, and this name RUSTIC FARMHOUSE STYLE SIGN.



What I used

  • Old castway wooden frame

  • Hardboard

  • Wood Stain (Dark brown)

  • Paint (Deep chocolate)

  • Acrylic paints (Blue, Green, Black, White) I mixed my own colors to get my desired shades

  • PVA or wood glue

  • Sand paper

  • Cloth rag

  • Brushes (broad flat brush for painting hardboard and fine tip round brush for lettering)

  • A4 sized paper and printer

  • Carbon paper

Watch my Video to see how I made my Farmhouse style Home Name Sign

Hope the video was explainatory. Let me know how you like my DIY. Do visit my other blogposts, SUBSCRIBE to my blog and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel .

How to get stylized fonts

I surfed internet and found this lovely site which gives fonts for free One can easily download the fonts and then using word or some design program make own Customized Sign.


If you do not have wood stain, use:

  • Diluted paint

  • or Liquid shoe polish

Tip or Suggestion for transfering words onto wood

How to use Carbon paper

A carbon paper has one shiny side and one matte or dull side. The dull side has ink on it. Place the dull or ink side of the carbon paper facing the wood surface where the pattern or words need to be transferred. Use the desired design printed on a tracing paper or normal paper. Place the design over the carbon paper in its place. Next tape both the sheets on to the wood, so that, nothing moves. Trace using a pencil or any blunt tip pen. Remove the sheets and DONE.

  • Place it

  • Tape it

  • Trace it

The Rustic Farmhouse style Home Name Sign turned out very beautiful and unique to my home. I love it.

Hope you liked my Diy project. Do come back for more. Do visit my other blogposts, SUBSCRIBE to my blog and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel . All your comments and querries are most welcome. See you all very soon.

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