DIY Notebook/Scrapbook/Album for School

DIY Tutorial on how to make Notebook/Scrapbook/Album for Back to School, from Scratch

Mom Das

Hi Everybody! Today I want to share with you how I DIY Notebook/Scrapbook/Album for school from scratch. What’s better? At half the market price. Top it up with? Its custom made to our requirements.



How I came up with this DIY

My kids are in primary school and every now or then they need to take some thing to school. Now they were asked to bring scrapbooks to school a few days back. I went to the local stationery shop, found a thin scrapbook at an unjustifiably high price. I came back home angry and empty handed. Not that I can’t afford to buy this scrapbook, but the price was disrespect towards the hardearned money.

So, I looked into my store of raw materials and made a few Notebook/Scrapbook/Album.

Materials needed


Very few. I had everything at home. I used regular sized chart papers, and from each chart paper I could cut out three full sheets of scrapbook size sheets. I used some ruled sheets from old unused notebooks alternating between colored chart paper sheets so that the kids can write notes on them easily while they use the colored sheets for drawing/pasting. I believe the video will better explain how I DIY Notebook/Scrapbook.

Hope the video was explainatory. Let me know how you like my DIY. Do visit my other blogposts, SUBSCRIBE to my blog and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel . See you very soon in my next post…

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