Me Made May 2018, SEW #13

Beautiful Summer Frock or Dress

Mom Das

A BIG Hello to All!

In the saga of Me Made May 2018, today is my 13th creation, a Summer Frock or Dress. This frock or dress is very cool and summer-ish. I just love the lovely cool color and print. Very refreshing frock.

Do have a look

pic A

COOL!! Is it not?

Fabric used

The fabric I used is a fine but heavy cotton fabric. THe dress looks cool because of its absolute white color with, not polka but, spatter of blue dots. Just like a bunch of flowers has been painted with random spatter od varrying shades of blue.


It is a simple skater or gather frock or dress. The frock or dress is sleeve-less. the neck line and sleeves have a lovely white thin piping. I added three buttons to the chest in front and belts at the back in blue.

Overall, I really liked this dress.

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Video Tutorial on Frock or Dress

Do come in my next post. Please don’t miss my next post which is a REFASHION (SHHH from my hubby’s closet). See you!

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