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Today I feature my 11th creation for Me Made May 2018 and 2018MakeNine , my daughter’s Summer Frock or Summer Dress or Skater Dress.

Have a look

pic A

This is a Summer Frock or Summer Dress or Skater Dress with gatheres at the waist, belts to tie at back for better fitting, bell sleeves which slope and flare from shoulder down and then fit the arm, and subtly embellished with lace at the bottom.

Fabric used

Pure cotton fabric with large floral prints and matching lace.

How I cut and sew my Summer Frock or Summer Dress or Skater Dress

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Pattern and measurement guide to cut, sew and make your own Summer Frock or Summer Dress or Skater Dress

pic B

Please feel free to PIN and SAVE/download above image. It can be printed on an A4 size size sheet easily. Hope it is helpful for you to make your own pattern.

I always use a ready dress to make my pattern for sleeves of a piece of paper. I just lay the dress sleeve flat inside out on a paper and mark along the edges and cut out the pattern.

On a dress body, I prefer to put broad but short darts(here 1 inch by 2 inches) in front and slender long darts(here 12 inch by 3 inches) at the back of body from waist line up. I keep the darts equidistance from the midline, just bellow the bust in front and bellow scapula or wing bones at the back.

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