Me Made May 2018, SEW #4 Refashion Tutorial Men's shirt to Stylish Top

Refashion Tutorial Men's shirt to Stylish Top

Mom Das

Oooo! Its an exciting day. Men’s shirt REFASHION into women’s stylish top is a HOT HOT favourite topic. You all have responded very enthusiastically to my last two Me Made May (2016 & 2017) refashion posts, and I too love to do refashion a lot. Today’s creation, which is the 4th creation for Me Made May 2018, is a mega refashion of my Hubby’s shirt into my stylish top. By the way, the top has button down back.

Here is what it looked like

pic A

Both of us went and bought this teal shirt right after our marriage. We didnot notice then, but, it was not a formal shirt. It had a slightly fancy collar and cuffs. Which resulted into decline in frequency of my Hubby wearing it. So the shirt just went out in the sun twice a year on a hanger and then just sat in the cupboard.

This year I took it out and see what I did.

pic B

pic C

I refashioned this men’s shirt into my stylish top with round boat like neck, button down back and puffed three quarter sleeves.

Watch this video to see how I did it

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