Valentine's Heart Decor DIY

Rustic, Romantic, Farmhouse, Vintage looking Valentine's Heart decor piece DIY tutorial using Dollar Tree items or for FREE

Mom Das

Hi Everybody! Love is in the air. Let’s make this beautiful Valentine’s Heart Decor item for free or using Dollar Tree items. This Dollar Tree Valentine’s DIY is so simple but so rustic, so vintage, so romantic, so farmhouse…

To begin this project, you need a very few items. Most of the items required, if you craft or DIY will find at home itself so this can be a FREE DIY. Else, all items are available at Dollar Tree.


Watch my video to see how easy DIY this had been.

Video Tutorial

Isn’t this so beautiful and easy? I hope you make it too and enjoy decorating. Do SUBSCRIBE to my blog and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel for more videos and posts on DIY, Decor, Sew, Recipes and homemaking on a budget. See you soon…

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